As an independent sales professional with over 25 years of experience delivering sales training to the leisure industry, Marina Solutions Ltd has been established on the back of strong recommendations from a range of reputable clients.

My approach is based on  to my client’s requirements and delivering consultancy and courses that directly address my client’s business needs.


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Another excellent training session for the front line staff responsible for dealing with customer enquiries when our sports centres re-opened.

Marina delivered the course via zoom and still managed to make the training fun, relevant and specific to the needs of her audience.

Her charismatic style kept the audience engaged at all times and gave them the tools and confidence to deal with enquiries using a simple step by step process. The DISC profiling session also proved very popular with all who attended.

Archie Dick – Principal Officer, ANGUSalive

Marina delivered training to 6 of our centres at YMCA St Paul’s Group (formerly YMCA London South West).

The training was really motivating for all our staff and has given them the confidence to deliver membership tours and deal with telephone enquiries.

Marina is a really great motivator, she enthused the whole team from front of house, to gym instructors through to our current sales staff and managers. It was really fantastic the way she shared her knowledge and expertise. This was evident when she was able to handle any questions raised by the staff attending the training. Our team came away from the training really fired up to deliver a tour.

Following the training it is really good to see how our team deal with new members that come into our centres by giving them the best possible customer service.

Angus Mc Gregor – Performance Quality and Business Analyst, YMCA St Pauls Group

Even with the limitations that COVID-19 has presented us with, Marina ensured that our virtual training was as engaging and thought provoking as if my team and I were in the room with her! She framed our thought process in a simple, yet effective manner and you can tell that Marina lives and breathes her philosophy.

Anna Wilson – Membership Services Manager

Following from the chaos of Covid and our industries lockdown we hired Marina to come into our health club to help inspire, re-motivate and provide practical direction for our front of house team and gym instructors . Marina was empathetic, and engaging in relating to the teams whilst providing a clear pathway for improvement. We couldn’t recommend Marina more highly and we look forward to working with her again.

Seb Barre
 – General Manager
 The Laboratory Spa & Health Club

Precor UK works in partnership with Marina Solutions Ltd to set our customers up with initial & ongoing excellence in Sales and Customer Service support. For Precor our customers success is always much more than the quality of our equipment. Marina Solutions Ltd ensures that our partners have high quality & proven systems in place to increase & retain their membership base. Marina helps to put customer journeys and sales processes in place ensuring that all staff are confident in their skills and our customers are always delighted with the service and the results they get from Marina. Fully trained and motivated staff are critical to any business and Marina’s training helps transform our operators staff into calm, creative & highly effective customer focussed teams. Marina Solutions Ltd comes highly recommended by my entire Sales & Marketing team, myself & of course numerous delighted mutual customers.

Steve Carter – Managing Director – Precor UK

Marina Solutions have provided SCL with a variety of sales and customer service training which all of our team have found motivating and a great help to them achieving their targets. I would recommend Marina Solutions to any company that wanted to motivate and inspire their teams as well as increasing sales and customer interaction. Marina has a way with the team and can engage, motivate and inspire people leaving them buzzing when they leave, we have seen the training have a huge impact on the individuals within our business leading to great results!

Marcus Headington – Operations Director – SCL

We recruited Marina on a consultancy basis to travel to Saudi Arabia and train our fitness and sales teams. The brief given to Marina was to improve our conversion rate of leads to members at our 2 fitness centres and also to increase non-membership income per head via secondary spend across all departments. We needed someone to inspire our teams, up skill our teams to improve communication and understand the benefits of rapport building and a needs analysis.

We needed an expert to work alongside the teams, offering support and ‘on the job’ coaching and mentoring. In Saudi Arabia, finding experienced female customer facing service and sales trained employee’s is challenging, so the skill sets of the teams needing training was very broad. A lot of our team being inexperienced in customer facing roles and working to achieve sales targets under pressure.

Marina truly inspired our teams to believe in themselves to have the confidence and ability to sell by building rapport and developing good relationships with the customers. We had only 2 days for the brief to be fulfilled but Marina planned and implemented thorough and culturally specific training sessions to the various departments and them coached them on the delivery in a working environment. The club managers have since implemented new sales processes in the prospect and member journeys. Following the training, we have seen an improvement in the conversion of toured members to sales; improvements in our customer service via high quality interactions at every level and a higher standard of member orientations with our trainers that subsequently convert into secondary spend.

I thoroughly recommend Marina for her sales & customer service training delivery, endless enthusiasm professionalism, preparation and her diverse & driven approach to get the very best out of a team.

Susan Cass – General Manager – Heights International – Riyadh Saudi Arabia

“Marina has become an important part of our sales management strategy. Her complete professional approach and larger than life personality are the perfect ingredients to engaging with staff to sell more.”

Graeme MacLennan – Marketing Manager – Parkwood Leisure

Marina Solutions worked with 1Life as our Customer Excellence consultant. Marina was instrumental in getting NPS up and running at 1Life and increasing our communication lines with our customers.

Marina also played a huge part in implementing a data capture strategy for the business by designing and monitoring reports to ensure that 1Life was asking for and capturing the correct data to communicate with our customers. Marina wrote and delivered training to inspire and motivate our staff to work as a team, capturing the data from our customers so that 1Life can put our customers 1st. 1Life will definitely be working with Marina Solutions in the future, in fact many members of staff ask ‘when is she coming again’?

“The analysis shows that during the months Marina was delivering the excellence training, specifically November, there are very positive uplifts in the targets! There was a 10% uplift during Marina’s training month.”

Neil King – Managing Director – 1Life

“Working with Marina is a real pleasure, she understands our training needs and delivers them to the team in a passionate and enthusiastic way that keeps the full team engaged and focused. We can track the increase in sales and service from her sessions. I would fully recommend her, just make sure that she still has enough time for my teams!”

Stuart Rosenberg – Director – Fitness4Less

One of the things I like best about working with Marina is that she very quickly identifies and understands the key issues that need addressing. She is equally good at spotting people’s strengths, as she is at gently uncovering their weakness, and helping them make improvements. This skill with people makes her training programmes incredibly effective. She has worked as a consultant and lead trainer at several of our businesses. We continue to work with Marina and I would recommend her unreservedly.

Andy Kay – Co-Founder and Director Socius Investing

Marina Thomas began working as a consultant with Central YMCAfit in April 2012. The original contract was for Marina to specifically work with the YMCAfit Sales Advisor team for a short project. Based on the quick turnaround of positive results I contracted Marina to continue working with YMCAfit for a longer term. Due to the success Marina’s appointment she went on to work with the Central YMCA Club sales team and completed a sales review for Central YMCA.We have experienced excellent results in Customer Care, soft skills training including rapport building and communication. Marina has supported the teams in setting up systems plus setting and monitoring KPI’s.Marina has learned the needs of our business and has offered advice which has resulted in securing new business.
Marina has set up various training sessions for the teams across the Central YMCA operations. The content is generic and would be appropriate for many organisations within different sectors.

Rob Johnson – Chief Operating Officer

“Having recently completed some training with Marina I cannot recommend her enough, it was fun and engaging from the off and by the end I felt inspired and in love with my job again! I really believe that all of the training session was useful, but in particular consistently presenting to colleagues. It’s a difficult thing to do but its only when we step out of our comfort zones that we improve.

Following the training I have felt more in control of meetings and will continue to ask that final question. I don’t think customers expect it and it has provided me some fantastic feedback.

Thanks again for a great training session, I really do hope we get to do the further training soon so I can continue to grow.”

Ray Redman – Sales Consultant – Precor Products UK

“We have used Marina for training our teams over the last 4-5 years. Her sessions are delivered in a fun environment had she has a skill for engaging fully with those attending. We have seen tangible results as a result of Marina’s input and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for other operators looking to develop their people”

Paul Ramsay – Operations Director

Marina Thomas delivered sales, incoming calls and quality interaction training with the North Tyneside Council staff. She was energetic, invigorating and very inspiring. She managed to turn the whole teams perspective about sales and capturing leads around with all the staff who attended. Her training sessions are very interactive, fun and empowering. She challenged the teams in a way that bought about positivity and results. We were so impressed with her delivery style that we asked her to come back to deliver more training and can see this relationship continuing long term. Marina introduced a new way of working which pushed the teams out of their comfort zone, however, by doing this it increased the numbers of new customers who came through our doors! If you want a trainer who gets results and delivers in a way that brings every member of staff on board then Marina is your answer.

Bernie Wall – Contours Development Officer – North Tyneside Council

Marina ran a “Customer Service & Selling” workshop for the entire BBC Club team ranging from Kitchen Porters to Senior Managers. She pitched the training perfectly engaging staff from all levels throughout the day with interactive activities. Her personable approach, drawing from her own experiences and those of the team allowed the staff to relate the training to their own roles. The feedback was that they came away feeling inspired and motivated to improve their customer relations.

Julia Kay  – Head of Sales and Marketing – BBC Club

Whilst exploring the training and development needs of our Leisure Services Team, our colleagues in North Tyneside recommended Marina Solutions. We can honestly say that we are so pleased we took their advice and have never looked back.

From meeting Marina for the first time, she instantly puts everyone at ease and makes them feel comfortable in the training environment. All staff are given the confidence and motivation to take part in the training sessions and leave feeling positive and totally upbeat.Since receiving Sales and Recognising and Capturing Leads training, our membership figures have increased significantly and we are confident that this can be attributed to the first class training that Marina Solutions has delivered and our staff putting this into practice in their day-to-day role.
We continue to work with Marina Solutions and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking about investing in their staff training and business.

Gary Hoggeth -Leisure Services, South Tyneside Council.

The purpose of the training for us was to address some of the concerns that some staff had expressed upon returning to work post Covid-19 lockdown, particularly with regards communicating with customers. We met with Marina prior to the training to talk the session through and this enabled aspects to be tailored to our service and staff. Over 70 of our staff have been trained, via Zoom, and feedback we had was very positive.
Our staff developed skills in how to approach customers, adapting conversation based on various personalities and also ensuring that they were successful in delivering their messages.

Chris Wright – Operations Manager

This was the first time that we had worked with Marina but she certainly portrayed the levels of professionalism, expertise, and support that we have become accustomed to from TA6. The Covid Communication training was very different for our front house staff, both in terms of many of them using Teams for the first time and also the way in which the interactive nature of the delivery challenged their usual ways of working and thinking. Thank you TA6, I’m sure the session will be of value to us as we re-open to the public and face the challenges which that brings.’

Stuart Webb – Acting Service Manager, Walsall Sport & Leisure Services

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